You compose music, we cherish you with all the service you demand, from consultancy to publishing and marketing.

Music Publishing

At the Go 2 agency we licence, collect and distribute royalties on behalf of songwriters and composers. Our innovative Royalty collection platform allows us to monitor and supervise music usage of our client’s work. This process allows us to monetize and enhances the value of our clients work.

Music Publishing
neighbouring rights

Neighbouring Rights

The complexity of Neighbouring Rights is made simple with the Go 2 agency. We give meticulous attention to make sure that our clients get the most out of their music when being played or performed by others in foreign territories. The transparent proceeding is one of the notable feature the Go 2 agency Neighbouring Rights service we perform extensive reviews ensuring all income in traced and administered correctly.

Marketing and Creative Services

At the Go 2 agency we strive hard to promote your music. We make your music heard by new ears by increasing your visibility online. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to revamp your marketing strategy, our team of experts can help you get there. We offer innovative services by adapting current trends to build your image and market globally.


Music Consultancy

The Go 2 agency helps the artist to taste success in music and also in business. We focus on helping the artist to use their music in the most beneficial way possible. We actively support music artist in enhancing their career by offering precise, comprehensive and individualised consulting for every individual artist. We ought them to flourish in their endeavours by planning and implementing strategies.